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so fed up

i’m going on hiatus

later dudes

peace and love

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why the fuck is it necessary that sm make a statement about this

not tao too

[Breaking] Lee Joon Withdraws from MBLAQ, Focusing on Acting Career


[Breaking] Lee Joon Withdraws from MBLAQ, Focusing on Acting Career

According to Star News, MBLAQ member Lee Joon did not re-sign with J.Tune Camp, ending his contract and withdrawing from the group and focusing on his acting career.

Star News just released the report that according to industry insiders, Lee Joon’s contract with J.Tune Camp recently ended. He did not re-sign with the agency, leading to withdrawal from MBLAQ in order to focus on his acting career.

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Nam Kitty

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that time b1a4 made cupcakes and brought them to mnet to give out to other groups


The only thing that should ever make you mad about Kiko is her wearing those ugly shoes


140904 seoul international drama awards
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Even though I saw it coming, it doesn’t hurt any less

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"There’s nothing to be afraid of. Because I’m here." - Yixing

Yes, I do believe you knew about this. If you are okay, I’m okay. If you can move on, I can move on. If I’m sad, I’ll look at you and I’ll be fine. I believe in you, and him.

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let the fanwars begin
OT10 vs. LUdaKRIS


rip shinee vocalist kim jonghyun