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let me see your boob boob

BUT GUYS!!!!!!!

B1A4 - Lies + Fantastic Baby

[HQ] Minah “Darling” concept photo - 1400 x 2100

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Why is Tao in Australia where is he does anyone know???! Pleasssse tells

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Another comeback, block b still weird af and still suck at dancing

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Zico in HER MV

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there wasn’t even a girl zico went on a moonlit car ride with a fucking ostrich we should have expected this from block b

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i reckon that b1a4 bet them they couldn’t do a cute concept so zico was  like ‘RIGHT B BOMB DYE YOUR EYEBROWS JAEHYO WHERE’S THE OSTRICH’

omg he likes olivia hussey

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he didn’t even say “aight” 

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zico on a date

zico: table for 2 please
waiter: oh did you bring your girlfriend?
zico: no but i brought this fUCKING OSTRICH
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[HD] 140723 Show Champion — B1A4 내가뭐가돼 | SOLO DAY | 1ST WIN